We invite you to view the most advanced Marine Fish Hatchery in Latin America and our submerged Farm located in La Paz, México.


At Earth Ocean Farms we believe in sustainable seafood. Starting from our hatchery to our open ocean farm, we take extreme care to raise amazing fish.

The breeding of these marine fish species consists in the caring of the broodstock, larval rearing and nursery, culminating with the production of fingerlings ready to be stocked at our farm in the open ocean.

To provide the best and healthiest fish to feed current and future generations we care about the entire process monitoring the right temperature, light, and filtrated recirculated water were we raise our juvenile fish. What we feed Totoaba and Pacific Snapper matters when it comes to taste and quality, our fish are fed with a natural custom made diet.


We use offshore aquaculture technology to raise Totoaba and Pacific Snapper in a healthy and sustainable environment. The cages are submerged in deep crystalline waters where the fish have the ideal conditions for their growth.

Our submersible cages are the most innovative and sustainable system for offshore aquaculture because of their low ecological impact. To improve the development of these species, Earth Ocean Farms raises the fish in the open ocean, their natural growing environment.

We go thru a careful site selection process to install our cages, ensuring there is minimal or no traceable impact to the surrounding ecosystem and the seafloor beneath.